I’m a Country Member an Introduction

Sir Winton Turnbull lost his temper in Parliament and shouted “I am a country member!” to which the infamously quick witted and sharp tongued, Gough Whitlam stood with quiet confidence and replied “I remember” and then he sat back down. Applauded from both sides as the room filled with hysterics, the smile on Whitlam’s face said it all, no come back from there…

Well I am a country member and I’m going to introduce you to our site, we will be covering real stories which will expose to the nation, truths about our system, where it is failing, where it is progressing and what we need to do in order to really progress as a whole. The topics we cover are important to real people and we don’t hold back on the truth. Real stories, appropriate guidance, amazing futuristic insights and touchy subjects. We promote charities and organizations who are really trying to make a difference for the better. Not forgetting the injections of humour and funny stories which make this site one of a kind.

Our site will be covering the following topics:

Being Disabled, Living With Disabilities,  The Best Wheelchair Access venues and more….

Parenting- Funny and Sad But Always True Stories, Advice, Parental Child Abduction and How Pegasus Child Recovery Are Changing the Game, Child Abuse- How to Survive the Ordeal and How to Support Children Who Have Been Effected…

The NHS, The tireless efforts of our NHS staff, What is going right?/What is going wrong? What are your rights?…

UK talent, Promoting Talent in the UK, People to look out for….

Politics our current system and why it is failing, Resource-based economy – what it is, links to other media covering RBE projects and full coverage of The Money Free Party and how it progresses as a new movement for the UK and the progression of The Money Free Party across the world.

The main intention of this site is to provide access to real information and advice on a multitude of real issues and needs of UK citizens, light-hearted comments about real problems are not to dilute in any way the seriousness of any topic and are for entertainment purposes only. Laughter, after all, is the best therapy, so allow yourself to giggle without self-reprimand.

Anyone who has a story to tell, an opinion however controversial or thinks they should be on this site promoting themselves to the masses is welcome to submit their information with a brief description to imacountrymember@mail.com

31363347_189657631845150_7206233868829982720_n Written by Chief Editor Michelle Naughton.