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Hello! thank you first of all for visiting my website, my name is Michelle, I’m a writer and so far have written a lot for other companies working freelance through an agency.

The agency I worked for was called Daxi Creative and is under the Daxi Magazine business umbrella. A lovely and chatty lady named Natalie who guided me through my first couple of weeks as a content writer runs the whole show. She has amazing support staff always at hand and plenty of writing to be doing! If you think you would like to work from your computer/tablet, and have a flair for writing, please request the correct correspondence via Facebook

I have had a passion for writing all of my life and now that I feel confident to go it alone (thanks to Daxi) I have been writing a range of children’s, young adult and adult books on child abuse, prevention, awareness, coping post abuse and the affect abuse has if you carry your demons into adulthood.

The books for children are written in a language children understand, simple words and phrases but packed with strong messages. A child who has never come across child abuse or ever will, will not be affected by the stories in any way. Children who have, but haven’t spoken up, will gain the insight into what is right and wrong and how to find an adult they trust to talk about it. It instils in children the option to have a voice if they ever suffer abuse. this is something that should be available to every child in the world. The sheer amount of un-reported abuse that happens today is absolutely tragic. When I speak to adults who have only just started talking about their abuse, I always ask why did they not speak to someone for help. The answer is always the same set of generic reasons:

I didn’t have anyone I could trust and I was scared, I didn’t know it was wrong for so long then I didn’t understand, I tried to tell my parent/carer but they didn’t want to believe me.

There are many more but they all boil down to one route, lack of awareness, not just the child being aware of what is wrong but who to talk to if something is not right and who you should trust. Parents/teachers/carers/doctors should all be aware of how important the words you use while talking to a child about something that has happened. The obligation to safeguard a child is within us all and we must nourish and protect our children against other adults who can not.

My children’s books are created with these main goals in mind:

  • To prevent child abuse being silenced
  • To give children a voice under the circumstances of child abuse
  • To help children interact with an appropriate adult about their concerns
  • To give parents/carers a new tool to use when tackling such subjects
  • To help a child open up and feel positive about telling the truth

There are two children’s books about a little girl who believes in magic and quite rightly so! and one about a little boy who is a budding comic book artist-come super hero!

Once published, my Children’s books will appear here:

My young adult books are aimed at ages 14 and over and they deal with stories of abuse where the victim finds peace and positivity through mindful therapies which readers can do for themselves at home. These stories are about different aged young adults who have gone through different types of abuse but who always come out on top and go forth into life without their emotional scars getting in the way of happiness.

My goals for this age group books are mainly:

  • To help young adults deal with what has happened to them
  • To give guidance through storytelling that appeals to them
  • To educate abuse victims of the benefits of meditation in all its forms
  • To help to create a stable environment and emotional wellbeing within the young adults who need it the most

Once Published, my young adult books will appear here:


The book on my childhood, my adulthood and how the former still to this day affects the latter. This book is aimed at an adult audience due to graphic detail. Three marriages, twice divorced, once widowed. Living life to the extremes and messing up left right and centre. The multiple lives I lived and the mental decisions I have made. Where I am now and where I want to go.

My main goals for this book are:

  • To create awareness of abuse in its many forms
  • To help others get through these hard times knowing they are not alone
  • To hopefully help people break free from bad relationships and habits
  • To give hope for a brighter future when people think it’s too late

Once published, my book will appear here:

The Pegasus Child Recovery books, yet to be titled as a series of books. This collection/series of books is going places, with offers on the table we cant talk about, the books are currently being created. They are based on true events, true kidnap stories with every detail keeping you in suspense. Based on child abduction and the man who spent twenty years perfecting the game of child recovery operations. Setting up his company as a charity, in order to cover expenses of rescuing children of those who didn’t have the money, he has paved the way forward for how child protective services are actually ran and obtained. Follow the story through the exciting novels and help raise awareness of this terrible form of child abuse.

Once published, the novels will appear here:

I am currently looking for the right publishers and considering my options. Any publishing enquiries must be sent to

I am trying to raise funds to get the books published and to cover marketing costs. Any donations would be much appreciated and anyone who donates over £15 will receive a signed copy of a book of their choice. Thank you for your support.

31363347_189657631845150_7206233868829982720_n Created By Chief Editor Michelle Naughton


Raising the funds needed to get the books finished and published. Any money raised will go directly on the making and publishing of the children’s self help books in the My Golden Soul And Me Collection. Preventing and understanding, detection and aftercare, these books are child friendly and do not contain any graphic or adult content. We do not support religious discrimination and we aim to support both the child and their parents/carers. Raising awareness of child abuse is of the utmost importance when talking about prevention.




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