Child Abuse – Detection, Prevention and Support.

I believe that the fact child abuse is happening still today, in a so called “civilized world” Means that there is not enough awareness or guidance available to people. People don’t like talking about child abuse because it makes most of us cringe and feel negative and upsetting feelings about the topic. We consider it to be literally an unbearable thought, that anybody could harm an innocent child, in any way.

Child abuse comes in many forms. The things some adults say in anger, like talking badly about their ex partner, the mother or father of the child for example, can affect your child’s emotional wellbeing long term. That is emotional abuse, so is taking children away from their family out of revenge and the need for control. Pulling a child down or neglecting to show affection or love for a child can leave this little person with some life long issues.

Child abuse in the more extreme forms can be sexual abuse and physical abuse. Quite frankly, I do not believe there is enough protection out there for children today. Things happen behind closed doors, neighbours who do see and hear things that cause concern, do not want to get involved. Social services are missing countless opportunities to save the children who need saving. Reading about child abuse world wide is so accessible today, that I can see in the last 32 years (since I was needing to be saved) nothing much has changed when it comes to other appropriate adults not stepping in when they know there is something not quite right.

There is zero guidance on child abuse given to families automatically who are having a child. Nobody talks to them about talking to their children about child abuse when the time is right. How will a child come forward with information about abuse if they do not know how? Or even that it is wrong and needs reporting? There are so many cases of child abuse that are kept a secret by the victim all their lives. They tell their stories as adults, each and every time I read one of these stories, I wonder, how would life have been for them if they had been saved? What if their parents were given the right guidance? What if their children were more closely monitored, on a regular basis to make sure there was no abuse happening?

I feel as though I have been seriously let down by the social services here in the UK since I was a baby. I have my reasons which I will write about, but that doesn’t go to say I do not agree with their work. They do save children and I can appreciate with the law and complications, that sometimes the social services can be powerless in a decision to remove a child from a dangerous situation. I just believe that children need more support. Saving children from a dangerous household or circumstance, is important, but what if we could prevent this from getting to the stage that the child has been affected for years by their ordeal?

I want to introduce more guidance for parents and carers of children and young people, across the globe. I am writing some books which will help both children and their carers/parents in dealing with and talking about child abuse. The language I use in the children’s books is one that a child can understand and not be affected by in any negative way if he or she has not ever come across abuse. It will give children an understanding of the fact that it is important to report anything unusual to them and for the parent/carer to know that their reaction means so very much to how much information a child will give if they have been abused.

My books on my childhood and how it affected my adult life up until now are being published because I want others to come and share their stories, help raise the awareness of the quiet cases, the children left in the care of child abusers and how it is carried through life like an invisible weight. Once a story is written, a victim can read their story, absorb it, accept it, and begin to move on. So I encourage my followers to share their story here, help others see they are not alone and to help spread awareness, using the power of our network to educate and to prevent.

My books do not discriminate on religious grounds and can be printed in your language upon request. When the books are available both online and in paperback, I will update this page with a link to access your copy in your language. The range of books are called My Golden Soul and Me. Aimed at children up to age 13 in both girls and boys editions. There will be books for children aged 14 and over added to the collection. The book about my life will be rated age 18 and over so please keep this in mind when children are around.

If you believe a child is in danger of child abuse or neglect, you are obliged to let the authorities know. Please search for your local social services team and contact them to report anything you feel is concerning. Call the police if you believe the child is in danger of physical or sexual abuse immediately. You could be the difference in a life worth living and one full of sorrow and struggle.

There are charities who are there to help when you need to reach out to a professional in circumstances that you are unsure of the best course of action. Please follow these links for more information:

YoungMinds charity and projects go a long way in helping the children who need us most.

Children1st is a site where you can find very helpful information about what to do if you are concerned about the welfare of a child.

NSPCC Child Abuse has a good bulk of information that helps us to understand what the signs are when children are being abused. This site explains in depth what child abuse is and can help further educate us into preventing it from happening.

PegasusChildRecovery is a charity-ran company, they help parents get their children home when all hope is lost. Please have a look at their article here on this site and donate on their website to help save a child tomorrow.

To get these books published, and to allow them to start making a difference, we are hoping to raise funds towards illustrations, publishing costs and distributions to get started. All donations are very appreciated and we will be happy to send a book of your choice, from our range as a thank you gift once published.


Raising the funds needed to get the books finished and published. Any money raised will go directly on the making and publishing of the children’s self help books in the My Golden Soul And Me Collection. Preventing and understanding, detection and aftercare, these books are child friendly and do not contain any graphic or adult content. We do not support religious discrimination and we aim to support both the child and their parents/carers. Raising awareness of child abuse is of the utmost importance when talking about prevention.


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